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Your clients look to you for all of the answers related to their project with you. You’re the expert and they defer to you for solutions to any problems that may arise. Let Your Move Simplified help make you a super hero in your client’s eyes

If you happen to be one of the professions listed above, then you know that your efforts can be severely limited by how willing your clients will do what is asked of them. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your wishes could be carried out and to your satisfaction?

REALTORS/Real Estate Agents. There are many reasons why real estate professionals should consider working with us. Here are a few to consider.

  • Maximizing Home Value – You know that home buyers want to see a home in its best light. They want to know that there is adequate storage, that their things will actually fit with room to spare and that the home has been cared for by the current owners. Downsizing and decluttering are key to ensuring the best First Impression a potential buyer may have.
  • Let Us Have the Difficult Conversation – Persuading your clients to de-clutter prior to sale can be tough, so give that job to us! You know you have your client’s best interest in mind when suggesting decluttering, but that can be delicate subject. We love showing a homeowner just how great their space can still look even with a little less in it.
  • A Thoughtful Thank-You – Looking for a unique way to thank your very best clients? Gift your new homebuyer with a gift certificate for our unpacking services. We can work with you to come up with a gift they’ll always remember- effortless unpacking!

Home Stagers. If you’re a home stager, your reputation is based on how well you can transform someone’s home from drab to fab. Client comfort and involvement is crucial; if they’re not invested in the results, you might be doomed to fail. Sometimes your work can’t begin until the excess clutter is removed. We can work with your client to speed the process and create momentum by helping them with the list you’ve provided to them before your work can begin. When we’re done we can teach them a few techniques that could help them maintain your hard work.

Contractors/Builders/Home Repair Specialists. If you’ve planned a project with a homeowner for a space in which they already live, you’ve run in to the problem of what to do with items during construction. Let us take that off your hands by helping your clients decide what’s most important and where to store it for easy retrieval away from the project. Once the project is complete, we can come back in to help them get settled back in and enjoy the work you’ve done for them. We can be just another value added service provided by your company or we can work with your client separately prior to your project starting.

Interior Designers – Similar to home stagers and builder/remodelers, you’ve been hired to work in your client’s space to make it look better. Many times you can’t do that until the space is clear we can help. Also, for some of your very best clients you are there on move in day. You have a plan you want to see carried out and you don’t want to worry with unpacking boxes and setting up the rooms you haven’t been hired to work in. We can work closely with you to ensure maximum impact on the first day.

Moving Company – You’ve built a solid reputation by offering an ever increasing array of services to your clients. One of those services is unpacking. Imagine your client’s delight to find that not only will their things be unpacked, but you have hired professional organizers to set their home up using the most current and effective organizing techniques available.


Let's Find Your Organized!

Your Move Simplified is a locally owned residential professional organizing business specializing in helping clients before and after a move. From a full-on home makeover to helping before and after a move, we can help you resolve organizational issues with concrete steps and accountability. We make moving fun for you!

How The Process Works

Step 1: Sign-Up For A Organized-To-Sell Consultation™

Free 20-30 minute phone call to discuss your needs and which one of our service you will be using. This call is our opportunity to get to know each other. The next step would be an in-home assessment.

Step 2: Home Assessment

We’ll make an appointment to come see you so you can better understand the scope of the project, determine a timeline, prioritize your needs and coordinate our schedules with any other service providers you may be using. The in-home assessment can take up to 1 hour. In the end, we’ll discuss your action plan and make suggestions for applicable next steps.

Step 3: Plan Implementation

Once we’ve completed the assessment the next step is to put our action plan in to practice. We’ll work closely with you to bring the plan to life.

Additonal Services

→ Residential Organizing
→ Small Business Solutions
→ Renovation Preparation
→ Organizing Needs Assessments

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure you have many questions about who we are, what we do and how we do it. We’ve tried to anticipate a few of these and have provided answers below. Please take a moment to learn more about Your Move Simplified, it’s methodology and goals when helping clients simplify their move. We’re always more than happy to explain these and other questions further. So, don’t hesitate to call or fill out the “How Can We Help Today?” form at the bottom of the page.

1How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to become a move simplifying expert?
That’s a great question and one that requires us to go back in time just a little. Before I answer, I should say that ever since I entered the world of Professional Organizing as a business I have heard from many other organizers that we were “born this way.” So, if you take this at its word, then I have been doing this for a really long time.
Starting from as far back as I could remember I have always been a “place for everything and everything in its place” kind of guy. When I was young and my mother decided to go back to work, she had someone who helped her look after me and help around the house. Her name was Georgia and I thought she hung the moon. Wherever she went I was there and whatever she was doing I wanted to do it too. So, I think early on she instilled in me this desire to create order where there was none. Again, I’m pretty sure this was already a part of who I was. I think she helped to bring it to the surface.
For years I would help friends and family move from one place to the next. I loved packing all their things up and seeing all the boxes stacked neatly in the back of the truck headed to their new home. Once we’d get to their new place, I’d get a real kick out of opening all the boxes and figuring out where everything should go. This is usually the point when someone tells me I’m crazy for loving this kind of work, but it’s true. I really do. I love it.
Prior to opening Your Move Simplified two years ago, I owned an insurance agency for 15 years. This is where I really honed my ability to handle logistics, address problems head on, think quick on my feet and remain calm under pressure all of which I think are critical when juggling all the decisions and activities involved in moving. We didn’t lack for pressure. My office was responsible to close to $3 million dollars in annual sales. So, there was a lot to manage on a daily basis.
I consider myself a lifelong student. With regards to my business, I’m always trying to better my knowledge and understanding of my industry and I’m always eager to learn new and better ways of doing things and using this improved knowledge and skill with my team to take away the stress, worry and overwhelm associated with getting your home ready to be sold and moving in to a new home.
2Who are your clients exactly?
I get asked that question quite often and believe it or not it’s one of the hardest ones to pin down and answer. I can tell there are typically 1 of 3 reasons someone looks to YMS to assist with their move. They either don’t have the time, don’t want to take the time or physically cannot do the work that is necessary to get a home “show ready” for the market or unpack and set up in their new home.
Because Your Move Simplified specializes in offering moving assistance services our clients are typically in some stage of the moving and relocating process. They are considering putting their house on the market (pre-listing) all the way down to moving out and moving in to their new home (packing and unpacking). So, they have either decided it’s time to put their home on the market and they either know or have been told that in order to maximize their homes value and get it “show ready” they need to have less stuff in it and they understand one of the most cost effective ways to do this is to downsize/declutter and depersonalize their space. They want a potential buyer to easily see themselves living in the space because they know their home will sell faster if they do.
On the flip side of this, we offer full unpacking and set up services. So, another type of client is the one who is about to move in or has moved in to their new home. They are overwhelmed at the prospect of getting everything done in a timely manner and they are looking for a complete done for you unpacking service.
Another type of client I work really well with is those in the housing and real estate industries. As caring service providers we’re always looking for a way to improve the client experience and I have worked with several real estate professionals that have allowed me to support them and provide value added service to their clients. Some great examples of this are Real Estate Agents, Home Stagers, Builder/Remodelers and Interior Designers. Everyone wins when we work together.
3How are you different from other professional organizers?
My colleagues are some of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet and some of the smartest too. At its core the foundation of a professional organizer’s work is to help their clients become better organized. This is usually achieved over time and through multiple sessions depending on the individual and their goals. Because we specialize within this field and offer moving assistance services our clients are looking to have maximum visual impact in hopes to have maximum return on their investment in the shortest amount of time as possible. The team at Your Move Simplified uses their knowledge, training, education and experience to prep their client’s home for sale and they use industry standards and best practices when unpacking them and setting them up in their new home also in the shortest amount of time possible. Our clients get the benefit of our years of experience and are organized from day one.
4Who would not benefit from working with you?
I’m really glad you asked that and it’s a really great question. As a small business owner, I’d love to be able to say that the services we offer would appeal to everyone and that everyone needs them and that would only be partly true. Personally, I think everyone could use this type of service, but I don’t think nor do I expect these services to appeal to everyone. So, someone who has the time, energy, desire and physical ability to get the work done would not see a benefit in working with us. We want to work with clients who value the work that we do and understand how we can help them. So, clients that have been coerced to work with us by someone of influence in their lives typically are not very open to receive the help we can provide and would not be a good fit for us. Finally, someone with a limited budget would also not be a great fit. This is a premium done for you service that involves lots of moving parts with several people all working together to affect change in your space in a very short amount of time allowing you to earn more, get more done and in less time than you would on your own. Our clients love the work we do for them and they understand we charge a fair price for this level of service.
5Can you be more specific about the types of services Your Move Simplified offers?
Sure. To begin with there are two categories of services we provide.
  1. Pre-Listing Services- downsize and declutter
  2. Post Move Services- unpack and set up
Let’s begin by defining the terms for Pre-Listing services.
  • Pre-Listing- before you put your house on the market.
  • Downsizing- having less stuff in your home.
  • Decluttering- ensuring that the stuff that is left in the home, it is put away so the home remains neat and tidy.
When we are hired to work with a client to provide pre-listing services, our goal is get the home in picture ready condition by showing off its best attributes to maximize value. We do this by helping you reduce the amount of stuff you have in your home and putting away the things that are staying in an orderly and organized manner. Additionally, we’ll pack the extras you want to keep, but may be too much additional clutter while the home is on the market.
Let’s move on (pardon the pun) to Post-Move. We provide full unpacking and set up services. What does this mean? It means that once the boxes have been moved in to your home by your moving company we will come in and begin unpacking and setting up each room of your house based on industry guidelines and best practices, but more importantly, based on how you want them to be arranged. We like to focus on the critical areas first- kitchen, master bedroom, master closets and bath and then work our way out from there.
It’s important to also understand that with both of these services we worked based off of a very detailed “Move Simplification Report” that we create with you during our initial consultation. Another thing to note regarding these services is we take a team approach to getting your project done quickly and efficiently. Most folks, on their own, would take weeks to complete either one of these if they completed it at all. We’ll take just a few days.Depending on the size of the project, we could have you totally settled in in about 3 days or less.
6You referred to cost earlier. How much do these services cost?
I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear this, but this is probably the second question I get after what are your services. For clients that have a very specific need in their home, we have available several a la cart services at different price points. For clients that are interested in dramatic results in record time, the real value comes from choosing a package from one of the two programs we offer – Pre-Listing and Post-Move. We have put together what we think are some of the most common wants and needs of our clients outside of the hands on work we provide. Each has different service offerings, with different service levels and different price points. I would love to speak with you directly to review your project and discuss your options and to see if we are the right fit to help you Simplify Your Move.
7Can you walk me through the process?
We always begin with a get acquainted call. This is free call and will last 30-45 minutes. This call allows both the potential client and YMS to determine if we are the right fit for your needs. We review some basic logistics like time line, what stage of the moving and relocating process you are in and we discuss goals. We also take this time to review and explain further the services we offer, discussing price and defining expectations.
If, after the call, we’ve both decided that this is a good fit, the next step is an in depth in home consultation. Depending on the service we’ve been hired to provide, either Pre-Listing or Post-Move, we conduct either our Organized to Sell Consultation or House to Home Consultation.
Either consultation takes about 2-3 hours and we use this time to go over every square inch of your home helping you develop a strategy that includes a more specific timeline, decisions about what we like to call the Critical 4 which is what to keep, donate, sell and trash. In addition to these valuable notes, the client will have a document that is filled with to do’s, next steps, and a resource list of service providers. For many clients this is the first time they’ve really given their things serious consideration and they are excited about the opportunity to finally rid themselves of things that they’ve been hanging on to for far too long and that it’s being done in a way that makes sense for them.
The next step is plan implementation. As I’ve mentioned before, clients are looking for maximum impact as quickly as possible and we want to ensure that happens. Our team’s level of involvement will depend on the particular service or package you’ve purchased. (click here to see a comparison of our package offerings).
Regardless of the level of service you purchase from us, once you’ve hired us to work with you you are not alone in this process. Because things can happen so quickly, it’s common to have questions. All of the services and packages include unlimited emails to ask questions and we’ll continue to check in with you to see how things are going. Obviously, the more comprehensive the service or package is that you purchase the more you have direct face to face contact with the team.
8Can you explain a little bit more about the two consultations you’ve mentioned?
Sure, to support the two programs of service we offer- Pre-Listing Services and Post-Move Unpack and Set-Up Services we conduct a very comprehensive consultation. For our clients that are interested in our Pre-Listing Services we conduct the Organized to Sell Consultation. For our clients that are interested in our Post-Move Services we conduct the House to Home Consultation. These consultations last about 2-3 hours and the results become your guide for all things pre-list and post-move. Once they’ve been completed you will be presented with your very own and very customized “Move Simplification Plan.” It will outline everything you need to do to either get your home ready to be listed for sale or move in to your new home, get unpacked and settled in as quickly as you can.
We begin by collecting some specifics regarding your current home and your new home. If you haven’t picked out a new home yet, it’s no problem. We’ll focus on the one you have now. We like to know things like square footage, number of stores, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. We prefer to take it a step further and learn it little bit more about you and your family, how many of you are there, any hobbies, pets, and any of their special accommodations for which we need to allow. Then once we’ve gotten this information down we take a tour with you of your home.
The tour can be a lot of fun. It’s an opportunity to discuss anything and everything you’d like to regarding all the stuff in each room including cabinets, closets, under beds, and any other hidey holes you may have filled with your things. The conversation is centered around what we call the Critical 4 (what to keep, donate, sell, trash). We create a checklist for each room. Included with the checklist is your decisions about pretty much everything in each room. In addition to your living and sleeping spaces we’ll also tour some of the spaces you might be dreading- Attics and Garages as well as on-site and off-site storage. It’s important that both of us have a clear understanding of the scope of the project and just what needs to happen to maximize the value of your home to sell it, to get you unpacked and settled in to your new home, or both.
Another goal for the tour is to make sure you’ll have enough room in your new place for all the things you have in your current place. We often forget to consider differences in square footage and available storage from one place to the next. This doesn’t mean you have to get of the things you love, but it does mean we’ll need to help you plan where and how they’ll be stored in your new place. For those items that you don’t love or need we’ll notate that as well. When we are hired to move further with your project we can coordinate the removal of the unwanted items. The extras that you need or love, but that don’t have a place while you’re waiting to sell your home will be carefully packed, boxes labeled and an inventory of each box provided to you. You can think of it as a jumpstart to packing for the actual move. Don’t worry, we’ll still help with the removal of unwanted items if you happen to move to your new home with things you don’t want or need. This usually happens when you haven’t used Your Move Simplified’s pre-list services (hint hint).
In the end, in addition to the consultation and your very own customized Move Simplification Plan, you’ll be provided with a list of preferred vendors and craftsmen to help with your project. We’ll also discuss further our services and packages and help you decide what is the best option for you given your timeline, ability and willingness to do any of the work on your own and cost.
9How quickly can I expect results?
The answer to this question is based entirely on the level of commitment you have hired us for and your level of commitment to getting the project completed. As I’ve mentioned before, if we are hired for a full done for you pre-list downsize and declutter project or a full unpack and set up project our goal is to have at least 99% of plan implementation in 3 days or less. There’s always some fine tuning we’ll need to do and sometimes that is dependent on just what it is and how much involvement or feedback we’ll need from you to proceed.
I can make you this promise. We don’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied with the work we’ve done based on level of service for which we’ve been hired.
10You’ve mentioned packing boxes and the word move is in your company name. Are you a moving company?
No, we’re not a moving company. We will not pack up your entire home, put your things in a truck, move them to a new location and unload the truck. We support the services of movers and they support our services. We actually make each other better which translates into an even better experience for you. I know it sounds like a moving company does a lot of the work and they do play a critical role, but a moving company is responsible for only about 35-40% of the moving and relocation process. They will not help you decide what to do with your things pre-listing. They will not be able to provide you with a list of suggested donation drop off and pick up services, they will not advise on items that require special handling when you dispose of them (like paint and electronics) and though they can unpack you, their goal is to empty boxes and not put things in place based on you or your family’s needs. Many times it’s easier if the mover doesn’t unpack you because they won’t have the benefit of the customized Move Simplification Plan that we’ve created for you and they will just place anywhere there is space.
11Do I have to be there while you complete my project?
The short answer is no. Because our Organized to Sell and House to Home consultations are so comprehensive, we are very clear on your desired outcome. So, if your schedule doesn’t permit it, we can still come in and get the work done. I will say though that most of the time our clients are so excited to see what we do and how we do it that they find the time to be there at least some of the time. In the event that something should come up and you’re not there and we are not clear on what you would like for us to do we can always give you a call, snap pictures or video chat in order to provide better clarity and ensure your desired resolution.
12Do you have insurance? What happens if you break something?
Yes, Your Move Simplified is insured against damage or theft of items during our project. During the consultation phase, we’ll address any obvious damage to your things and identify items of significant value. We’ll make a plan at that time how to handle these items.
13You’ve convinced me. I’d like to discuss working with you on my moving project. What’s the next step?
It’s time to schedule a get acquainted call with us. You can click here to schedule a call or if you’d prefer to you can send us an email at [email protected] or feel free to give us a call to set something up at 404-406-2454. We can’t wait to hear from you.
14Do you take credit cards? How do I pay you?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, checks and cash. It should also be noted that a 50% deposit is required of projects once an agreement has been signed.
Are you ready to get started?
Click here to schedule a get a acquainted call

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our job is to help you make the best use of your space based on your needs, and we want you to be completely satisfied. Fully understanding that reclaiming your space and making lasting changes will not happen overnight, we put our money where our mouth is.

It’s normal for systems (old and new) to need periodic evaluation and adjusting. Therefore, if you’ve faithfully followed the system and routine we've put in place for you for one month—assuming we’ve re-adjusted it to the best of your needs—and you’re still unhappy, we will give you your money back no questions asked. (The way we see it is that if we're not willing to take a risk by backing our services, why would you want to work with us?)


Scott assisted one of my clients in dealing with an emotional move to a bigger home. My client was using the opportunity to purge items collected over the years in order to start fresh at the new home. As a busy professional, she had no time to pack and move on her own and was under a lot of pressure to move quickly as she was renting out the condo she was moving from. With the day looming close ahead, she called Scott. He was prompt, organized and completely took over, alleviating all the stress of packing and organizing called for. In a matter of a couple days, Scott had the home organized and packed up, even the daunting kitchen! He was a lifesaver to my client and I know he will be to many more. I would 100% recommend Scott to any of my future clients looking to get their home ready to go on the market or for any client ready to move. Thanks Scott!

Sarah M

What a great experience I’ve had with Scott and his team at “Your Move Simplified“! As a Intown realtor, I am always in need of support services for my clients. Recently, I signed a new listing agreement for a high-end, Midtown home and there was a lot to be done before we could list it. My client had lived in their home for a while and it needed to be depersonalized, organized and decluttered, but they did not have the time (or desire!) to get this done quickly. I knew I could count on Scott to get the job done efficiently and professionally. He had a proposal to them within 48 hours and was working on the project in 5 days! My client was thrilled that they didn’t have to lift a finger and the house was photographed and listed in short order. Your Move Simplified will continue to be my top referral for pre-listing AND moving projects. Thanks again!

Dawn L., Environs Real Estate

My company recently relocated me to DC from Atlanta with very short notice (2 weeks). This move required my girlfriend and I to downsize from two apartments (6 bedrooms in total) down to a place with less than a 1/3rd the square footage of our current living arrangements. With my girlfriend relocating north at the same time I was getting the news of my relocation, I was extremely overwhelmed at the thought of moving to a new city without help. It took me several days before I realized the sheer quantity of work needed to organize, pack, move, and unpack an entire household worth of stuff while working a 60+ hour week.
Lasting Solutions came highly recommended from a friend and I immediately called Scott for a quote. He offered several solutions at variable price levels. Scott’s confidence helped put me at ease and I knew he was exactly what I needed to get packed quickly. We immediately set a Saturday appointment. I cannot begin to convey what a perfect fit he was for my needs. Scott could see that I was paralyzed and didn’t know where to start. His confidence, professionalism, and ability to break down the monumental task into much smaller steps kept me motivated. Working together, he empowered me to accomplish much more than I would on my own (although he was able to outbox me 5:1). His greatest strength was helping me to decide which items I would be able to keep through the downsizing, and which I should sell, donate, or trash. Each of these categories was split into a different pile and throughout the day it was a relief to watch each grouping grow until the day was complete. Once this task was finished, I was able to make some headway on my own that I would otherwise not have had the motivation to do. Scott came back the next weekend to help organize and sort the basement. The speed at which we completed this task was astonishing. It took a fraction of the time I had expected.
I would give Scott a 5 star rating for the help he provided not only physically but mentally as well. His organization skills were top notch and he kept my anxiety at bay. I don’t understand how he can enjoy this type of work but I’m sure glad he does. I would not hesitate to recommend Scott highly to friends or family for moving assistance.

Darold C

My work desk over time had become a mess; at the end of the day I would simply roll the desk top down and forget about it. That is, until the next day and I had to find something in the desk! It was overwhelming. I called Scott from Your Move Simplified to see if he could help. Scott worked with me on paper management skills and ways to continue to keep my desk more organized. He taught me how to organize and prioritize. Because of the process I have been able to continue to organize my office space on my own. I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you so much, Scott.

John E., Marriage and Family Therapist

After living in our house for 20+ years, cabinets and drawers had been cluttered. I needed help to de-clutter our accumulation of stuff. I called Scott to help. He came over and talked with me about what I wanted to accomplish and formulated a plan for what I was going to keep, give away and store. He was non-judgmental during the entire process, infinitely patient and had incredible energy to see the project through to completion. I love how encouraging Scott was throughout the process!! I love my new space…uncluttered space! Calling Scott was one of the best decisions I have ever made!!! Pick up the phone and call Scott…you will be so glad you did!

Angela E.

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